4 new great features

4 new great features

We listen to our customers every day, with the aim of improving our platform. We have worked extremely hard in the past few weeks and are proud to announce that we can share four new functionalities with you.

Maps Page

With the Maps Page an option is added that allows you to view in detail where the accommodation is based on a map. This gives the opportunity to view the environment, analyze the route to the accommodation or get a better overview of the location. It is very simple to use this functionality, search for a location via the main page and you will arrive at the Maps Page.

Prices for extra guests

We hear almost every day from our hosts that they would like to be able to settle additional costs for extra guests. Of course we listened carefully to this and made the decision to build this feature. All our hosts can now charge additional costs for extra guests.

The choice of who pays the service costs

The hosts now have the option to specify who pays the service fee. If a host takes care of the service costs, it can now be set. By default, the service costs are fully charged to the guest. There are three options for the settlement: 1. full settlement on the guest. 2. split the fee based on 50/50 3. full settlement on the host.

Block checkout day during calendar sync

Our hosts have indicated several times in their feedback to us that they would like to have an option to block check-out days when they sync their external calendar. This option can of course also be used for our hosts from now on and is easy to set up. Go to your calendar and choose “Change your external calendar links” and choose Yes to the option "Do you want to block the check out day?".

We are convinced that these new features will provide an even better experience for our hosts on our platform.